Business and Technology Consulting


Risk and Compliance
Today's financial trading environment is highly regulated with multiple (sometimes conflicting) requirements across jurisdictions, products and rules.

New regulations come up all the time and we can help to deliver changes required for compliance, applying strong analytical and quantitative skills to the analysis, specification, testing and implementation of the models, technology and processes required.

We cover a wide range of application areas.

One recent area is the G20 BCBS-IOSCO requirements for calculation and bilateral exchange of Initial margin for OTC derivatives. We have a deep expertise in the Analytics, models and technology applied to Regulatory Initial Margin Initiative. We can help your organisation in navigating these changes and its impact on your organisation.

Talk to us on requirements to satisfy industry participation and steps towards regulatory approval in this and other areas.

Front Office
We work closely with clients to identify, specify and help build quantitative and technical solutions to business problems.

Our experience is deep and varied, covering technology, analysis and project delivery. It has included helping firms to add new products and model analytics (e.g fixed income, derivatives, structured products) to their systems, to move to OIS discounting rather than ibor etc.

Talk to us for more information.

Requirements Analysis and Package Selection
We have a wide experience of software evaluation and requirements analysis in variety of domains such as:
Medical applications

We can help analyse your technology requirements and evaluate the fit of available solutions and packages.