We combine a great understanding of the clients business with a deep insight in the technology process and development and knowledge of models and analytics.

Our guiding philosophy is to think from the client's perspective, understand the business intimately and bring to bear a wide experience and multi-disciplinary toolkit to develop complete solutions to complex problems.

Business and Technology Consulting


Risk and Compliance Today‚Äôs financial trading environment is highly regulated with multiple (sometimes conflicting) requirements across jurisdictions, products and rules. New regulations come up all the time and we can help to deliver changes required for compliance, applying strong analytical and…

Model back testing and Benchmarking


Regulators such as the Fed,PRA can require the back testing and benchmarking of models used for Risk and Margin such as SIMM. Equally, this could be required by internal policies such from model validation or internal audit. Our experience has covered model…

UMR Regulatory Bilateral Initial Margin


We can work with you to specify, design and deliver the requirements, projects and associated processes for regulatory initial margin. We have already worked intimately with phase 1 and later phase firms on their steps to comply with the regulations using…



As expert practitioners we can offer training (in-house or external courses) which will bring clarity to in-house resources. This can enable your organisation to benefit from our practical industry experience and better inform your decision making. The training can be customised…